drone services

At Earth X, we're all about alternate perspectives - especially one being from the sky.  We'll share our eyes with you and help you capture and create captivating content.

Real estate

The market for Real Estate is truly competitive these days.  Realtors and Home-builders are constantly looking for ways to "up" their views.  We'll help you capture photo and video tours of your listing from our perspective to help you showcase the true value your home brings.


Construction comes with a large scope, and typically a massive project plan.  Allow us to help with the beginning, mid and/or end stages of your developments.  We can assist with site surveys, before/after photos, as well as promotional videos for your construction organization.


This is your big day, or your wife's big day - we understand.  Let's make a movie out of this love story.  Let's turn it into a cinematic fairy tale for you, your friends and family to watch over and over again.  We can help capture the missing magic from most wedding moments - aerial elegance.

General Marketing

Whether you're a hotel or a physician looking to show off your brand new facility, we'll help capture these aerial perspectives from the top on down.  If you're a musician who wants some gnarly angles in a music video, or student looking for stock content - you've come to the right place!  

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