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As some of you may know, this past Monday on July 23rd 2018, a hydroelectric dam collapsed in the Attapeu Province of Southern Laos, causing flash floods across 6 villages and affecting more than 12,000 people, leaving many homeless and without shelter or care.

[Dam Background Information]
The dam project was 90% completed and scheduled to start commercial operations next year.  The failed dam was part of a series of dams and was intended to generate hydroelectric power.  Based in Xepian-Xe Namnoy, after the dam broke under pressure, it released over 5 billion cubic meters of water into the rivers and surrounding landscapes.

As of today, more than 12,000 people have been impacted by this catastrophic event.  An unknown number of houses were washed away during the event, placing survivors on rooftops, while others paddled through the flooded areas in makeshift rafts and boats.  This disaster has left more than 6,600 people homeless, without food and clothing.

[Campaign Organizer]
My name is Chanthasith "TC" Chandamany.  I am a Laotian American based out of Las Vegas, NV.  I was born in a refugee camp in Bangkok, Thailand in 1987, raised with a Laotian tongue and fluent in both Laotian/English.  I am also the founder of Earth Xploration Group, LLC - a creative organization whose goal is to explore the world and create content through visual/audible storytelling in an effort to bring light to those in need and restore faith in humanity on our beautiful planet.

In light of the recent catastrophe in Laos, today I've filed for a nonprofit organization, which I will operate as President and Secretary under the name: Earth Xploration Foundation.

My goal is to raise awareness to this situation and provide relief to the families in need.  The contributions that come out of this campaign will go directly to the families impacted by this disaster.  Your donation will help fund much needed supplies, such as: blankets, food, water, blankets and an opportunity to help rebuild their village.

My wife and I plan to take your contribution, under the Earth Xploration Foundation and work DIRECTLY with the village chiefs and rescue team.  We plan to arrange our travels to leave as early as next week.  As I have family in Laos, they've already been in communication with the village assisting with the relief efforts.  For the next few weeks, I will be taking a break from my full-time job in America and putting forth my own hands, sweat and tears into aiding this country and their people during their time in need.

As the founder of Earth Xploration, my company will donate all technological advancements to aid in the recovery of Laos, which includes drones for aerial searches of lost victims.  Also, this entire journey will be documented and daily vlogs will be posted on our website ( www.earthxploration.com) to provide further transparency on the use of the contributions.  I will make every effort, from the bottom of my heart that each and every one of you who contribute see where your donation is going.  As a creator and humanitarian, I want to ensure that their stories are heard and that we listen, love and help each other through these tough times.

ANY donation is greatly appreciated.  As a collective and inhabitant of this planet, please join me in coming together and restoring faith in humanity.

For those who know me, I love you all.  For those who have come across this page through word of mouth and sharing, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

On behalf of the Earth Xploration Foundation, I will make the first donation.

Chanthasith "TC" Chandamany