Work with us

Looking for the ultimate freedom?  Ever wanted to get paid to travel?  You've come to the right place.  Here at Earth Xploration, it is our privilege to work with creative humans and send them off to Xplore our beautiful planet.


Freelance photographer

If you've got an eye for something special, we've got an eye for you. We are setting forth to capture the most vibrant and elevating photos on this planet.  We are looking for individuals with an openness of crossing into alternate dimensions, using your third eye to see beyond our realm of existence. 

freelance videographer

Visual storytelling is our main attraction - it's what we are here to accomplish.  The media is so diluted with negativity, that it is our job to shine light on the positive aspects of our planet. Help us show the world, the true beauty of this planet through stimulating cinematics.

Creative writer/blogger

If creative writing was your thing in high school, then your instructor would be proud that you're now making a career out of it.  We love to think beyond our understanding, beyond what we see.  The art of telling compelling stories is to incorporate imagination with rejuvenation.

PR/Public Relations

Are you a master debater?  We want to empower you with the task of growing, guiding, and managing the consumer/stakeholder perception of our company.  If you're the voice of the party, we want you to throw our parties!  

Graphic Designer

Are you good with your hands?  Are you good with computers?  We're looking for a visual conceptuator (yes, we made that word up) who is able to absorb ideas and turn them into tangible, viewable displays of beautiful imagery.