Meet the team

All walks of life - united as one, with one simple goal: EXPLORE AND RESTORE PLANET EARTH.


TC Chandamany

Founder/Creative Director

TC, also known as Chanthasith Chandamany - "TC" = Two C's was born in Bangkok, Thailand.  His family and him migrated to the US in 1987 where they were supported by a sponsorship family.  TC grew up primarily speaking Laotian and didn't learn English until the 4th grade.  Up until then, he communicated with his friends through visual languages.

TC holds a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology where he studied computer networking and telecommunications.  He has developed various iOS applications and is quite sound in the tech industry.

He also holds his FAA part 107 Pilot license.  He is a professional photographer and cinematographer.  Most importantly, he has a passion for visual cinematography and aims to capture the beauty of planet Earth and restore faith in humanity through visual and audible storytelling.


Steve Chandamany

Creative Director/Producer

"The universe is filled with mystery; I believe in colliding against the unknown through the visual arts of storytelling. As humans, we are driven by an innate desire to understand why we are here. I have always been enthralled by the universe, its uncertainty, and the human perception of it from a young age; considering myself an artist more than anything — not fully confined to just one galaxy — but exploring many. We have a tendency to separate ourselves from the universe through a disconnected lens when, in reality, we are a part of it. My endgame is to be able to share fragments of stories that is both, timeless and universal for people to escape to, and discover themselves in."



Sean Pruitt

Sound Designer/Composer

"I don’t have an extensive background in music.

I moved around frequently in my early years. Third grade is when I ended up in Arizona.

Music and movies have always gone hand and hand for me. I could probably name movies just by their soundtrack. Growing up in the 90's, I listened to a lot of rock, punk, metal, pop - whatever I found interesting about the new emerging styles. Right around the age of 13 my father got me my first guitar and I would say it was all downhill from there. I had about a month of guitar lessons and then everything up til now has been self taught. 

Growing up, I often had trouble focusing on one thing at a time. This made things like school fairly difficult. I was learning about subjects that didn’t interest me. Fast forward to today, I find myself learning about something everyday. I’m eager to learn about new technology, and how it applies to my world of music. 

It’s this drive that takes me further into the realm of composing. This space without boundaries where new creative perspectives are born and embraced by everyone. I started to realize that I could make what I wanted, when I wanted. I wasn’t bound to a specific instrument and one genre that I liked. 

Music has always been a part of my life. I’m just part of the journey to figure out what it means to me."


Justin Wade

Creative Director/Sales

Justin is too cool for a bio, so it's coming soon, patience please.


coleman dewayne

Artist Relations/Collabs

"Baseball was my most intense passion. The action, the outdoors, the evolution of skill day by day, and the sense of camaraderie built by progression with a team. Shortly after turning 12 however, my life took a rapid turn. I had paused my sister’s N’Sync record and heard Blink-182 for the first time. The thrill, the energy, the tattoos 😜 - I knew it was the path for me. So I traded in my bat for the cheapest beginner guitar pack on the market, and the rest is history so to speak. 

Ever since I’ve been writing, recording, touring, and performing - been in and out of bands over the years between Houston and Los Angeles, yet now proudly reside in Austin, TX with my own working musical project. Still in contact, and even working in new ways, with previous band-mates. It’s all love and growth. 

Through music, I have made and sustained my greatest friends and memories. It’s inspired me to create regardless of the avenue. I’m blessed, as we all are, with the capability to create. And forever grateful for holding tightly to that desire. We were meant to create - to spread joy - to spark inspiration that starts a wildfire in our generation. It is our duty to share our strangeness with the planet. So, let’s do just that."